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Accounting News Roundup: Taxing the Cloud; Meetings in the Bathroom; Bicycle Desks | 08.21.15

Ed. note: There won't be a Friday Footnotes today so these are your links for the weekend, capital market defenders. Please share other relevant articles you see in the comments or drop them in our inbox. Keep yourselves entertained this afternoon by posting in Open Items and don't forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Enjoy the weekend.

States Eye Taxes on Streaming Video and Cloud Computing [WSJ]
Although few are able to pull it off. Tennessee's 7% sales tax now hits software and "digital games that are accessed remotely." Chicago will try to tax "cloud computing and streaming entertainment." Alabama and Vermont both gave up on similar plans.

At Amazon, Employees Treat the Bathroom as an Extension of the Office [Motherboard.Vice]
Ha, this is terrible: "The most horrifying moment of my employment at Amazon was the time I was using the toilet and a coworker began talking from the stall next to me. He asked me why I had not responded to his very pressing email. I closed my eyes and pretended this wasn’t happening. What email could be so important that it could not wait five minutes for me to use the bathroom? He began tapping on the wall between our stalls, asking why I wouldn’t respond, as if inter-stall conversation should be a totally normal, not disgusting means of communication."

Is Ashley Madison IPO doomed because of leak? [NYP]
I guess this is an article.

Bicycle Desks: Better Than the Gym [The Atlantic]
Coming to a Big 4 office near you.

Well, this is something.

How Darrelle Revis became the NFL's savviest negotiator [ESPN]
I know a sports link is strange for this site, but this is a pretty fascinating interview.