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Accounting News Roundup: PwC on Climate Change; REITs Are All the Rage; Future Big 4 Burnouts | 09.10.14

This Legendary Accounting Firm Just Ran the Numbers on Climate Change [MoJo]
Odd thing #1: Seeing PwC mentioned in a Mother Jones article. Odd thing #2: PwC issuing doomsday reports on climate change.

Split for PwC too in City power couple's billion-pound divorce [Telegraph]
That's a poorly written headline: PwC resigned as the auditor of a billionaire's charity run by billionaire's soon-to-be ex-wife.

Deloitte creates 338 new technology jobs in Belfast [BBC]
The Green Dot is getting busy in Wales, too.

Tax friendly trusts swell under new rules [The Hill]
Unintended consequences or exactly what Congress was hoping for? "[J]ust this year, the IRS released new rules that signaled the agency broadly defines what constitutes real estate, opening it up to areas such as a telecommunications company’s fiber optic and copper networks." 

10 accounting students receive 2014-2015 AICPA/Accountemps Student Scholarship [AT]
At least a few in this group will quit their Big 4 job before hitting the 2 year mark.

Are Colleges Producing Career-Ready Graduates? [WSJ]
A duo of profs say, "NOPE!": "Sociologists Richard Arum and Josipa Roksa tracked more than 1,600 students during college and about 1,000 for two years after their 2009 graduation dates. Their findings are dismaying: Of the students who didn't go immediately into graduate school, slightly more than a quarter earned above $40,000 a year in a full-time job two years after graduation. Nearly three-quarters relied on their parents for at least some financial assistance."

Here's The Most Affluent Town In Every State [BI]
Chevy Chase, Maryland?

Bill Ackman Thought Allergan Directors Would’ve Accepted The Fact That He’s A Genius By Now [DB]
They must've figured that if PwC can ignore him, why can't they?

Man Sleepwalks Off a Cliff, Doesn't Wake Up Dead [Gawker]

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