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Accounting News Roundup: Is Your Next Job in Government? New CFO Isn’t a CPA; Death to Tax Reform Commission | 02.03.10

Obama’s Budget Plan to Create Government Finance Jobs [FINS]
The biggest beneficiary of CFOs not hiring may be the Federal Government. We mentioned in the roundup yesterday that the SEC got a decent boost in the POTUS’ proposed budget and likewise, so did the Treasury Department, “Department employment levels are projected to increase by 253 workers since 2009. Last year’s headcount of 1,089 workers is expected to grow to 1,266 in 2010, and reach an estimated 1,342 workers in 2011.”

Some of the areas within the Treasury that could benefit have yet to be created under the Financial Reform Initiatives including the Office of National Insurance and the Financial Services Oversight Council. We’re sure that Congress will get their act together in time so some of you can consider these potential employers.

One group in the Treasury that won’t have to wait is the Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence who was appropriated just over $1 million for new personnel. Whether or not you get to carry a weapon is not clear so just take it easy with all your 24 fantasies. Besides, financial people are the ones who usually end up dead on that show.

Why and David Chidester Parted Ways [White Collar Fraud]
Sam Antar would like to know why David Chidester and came to a “mutual agreement” for Chides to leave the company. With new Overstock auditor KPMG on board, someone with eleven years experience at the company, that functioned as both the CFO and the Senior Vice President Internal Reporting and Information, might be able to help make the transition easier. Nope!

Sam postulates that the Chidester might have known too much, ” I believe that their so-called ‘mutual agreement’ is based on Patrick Byrne not wanting David Chidester to stay around and David Chidester not wanting to be around to answer questions as KPMG continues its audit of the company’s financial reports.”

KPMG is playing catch up with this new engagement and now they are dealing with a new CFO, Steve Chesnut, who Sam reports, “joined the in January 2009, was not around when most of the financial reporting improprieties under investigation were committed by management,” and isn’t a CPA. He’s got a less enviable job than KPMG.

Obama’s Tax Reform Commission: RIP [Tax Vox]
Remember President Obama’s Tax Reform Commission? They asked you, the American Taxpayer, to give them ideas on tax reform and, by God, you delivered. After going through all that ingenuity, the commission announced that it get back to those ideas “after the holidays” to get crackin’ on our tax code.

Well! It appears that was time well spent because now it sounds like the tax reform commission is being put out to pasture. Tax Vox reports this exchange from yesterday’s budget briefing with Office of Management and Budget dreamboat Peter Orszag:

“Q: The President was supposed to receive tax reform recommendations in December and that was delayed indefinitely. Is there a possibility that that could be folded into the fiscal commission’s review, or is it just on the back burner?

DIRECTOR ORSZAG: I would imagine that it will be folded into the fiscal commission. I would imagine that — again, the commission will be examining a variety of things, including tax reform.”

We’ll just assume everyone’s ideas are being thrown on the scrap heap. Thanks for your help though!

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