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Footnotes: Deloitte Going to Myanmar; JPMorgan CFOs Eat Crow; Live Beer Tax Free or Die | 01.16.13

Wall Street Journal Deeply Concerned About the Fate of Rich Single Moms [Slate]

Amazon fights $234 million tax liability in Tax Court [Reuters]

TIGTA says the IRS is struggling with the non-cash charitable contributions. [TaxProf]

ICYMI: Deloitte will announce that its opening a Myanmar office tomorrow. [WSJ]

H.P. Said to Field Takeover Inquiries for Autonomy and E.D.S. Units [DealBook]

Here's the latest CPA police blotter (or something). [AWEB]

JPMorgan CFOs Slammed for Risk Management Failures Fresh off a Federal Reserve order that found deficiencies in JPMorgan Chase's risk controls, loss modeling, and audit functions, two of the firm's former CFOs were hit with tough criticism by an internal probe Wednesday. An internal task force report on last year’s “London Whale” trading incident lays part of the blame for the risk management breakdown on two of the financial institution’s CFOs. The two were singled out for criticism despite the presence of a chief risk officer for the overall bank and a CRO in the flawed trading business. [CFO]

The Al Bundy Tax Rule: New Hampshire Governor Pledges to Veto Beer Tax [TF]

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