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Accounting News Roundup: Generational Gaps Over Financial Reporting; Get Acquired by a Big 4 Firm; Workplace Rudeness | 08.12.15

Google’s Alphabet Move May Lack Tax/Spinoff Advantages [CFOJ]
Investors hoping that Google's move would include a little tax/spinoff sweetener will be disappointed.

Generation gap over financial information [FT]
The SEC is trying to put more information online. Some people don't like that idea:

"I am 72 and do not use a computer for much else other than email and solitaire [sic],” said Ann Neubauer, a retiree from Connecticut. “I will not read any prospectus or annual reports on my computer, and rely upon my paper copies.”

And she's not the only one! The Commission received, "almost 200 responses focused heavily on opposition to the removal of paper reports being sent to investors." It's above 200 now.

How to get bought out by Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ernst&Young or KPMG [AFR]
Eight tips for the boutique professional services firm. My favorites are #5: "Don't expect top dollar," because, you know, accountants are cheap, #6: "Be patient," because, you know, accountants are meticulous and #8: "Accept there will be more administration," because, you know, bureaucracy.

Workplace Rudeness Is as Contagious as a Cold [WSJ]
And it's bad for your performance: "The study’s results are bad news for workers because there is little we can do to stop the rudeness of others from affecting our own behaviors. That can lead to poor work environments and lower productivity. Numerous studies have shown that experiencing rudeness at work can affect employees’ performance and morale, making them more unproductive."

Give Yourself a Work "Uniform" to Be More Productive [Lifehacker]
Everything from clothes to music to a beverage can be like flipping a switch (if I may borrow from an old Stallone movie) for your productivity.