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You Should Update Your Résumé Today

Yes, it's Wednesday, otherwise known to some of you as, "half way through a week that I have no days off," but what many people don't realize is that busy season is the perfect time to be updating your résumé. This post is more geared to be a gateway to productive commentary, so read and then leave your ideas/suggestions below. 

Where do you start? If your résumé still starts off with "expected graduation" next to your college, it's prabably time you re-vamped things.  You're a working adult now, so begin the résumé with your current firm and responsibilities.  Don't know what to list?  Track down your colleague who left and ask for a copy of his/her bullet points as they relate to your job.  If you've been in contact with a recruiter, ask them for samples; they'll be happy to provide you with a sample résumé or seven.  The details of your current role should be in present tense and older roles described in past tense. 

Why now? I mean, why not?  My general advice is to review your résumé for potential updates every six months or so.  That newest client you inherited the week before the new year should be listed right next to your marquee year-over-year clients. Are you covering more-than-expected responsibilities because your team is short a manager?  Beef up your bullet points.  Now is a great time to update it because you are knee-deep in the weeds, weeds that you need to document in detail.

And now, for some random résumé advice:

  • Your GPA if it is 3.0 or better – KEEP
  • Objective at the top of the page – do you have space to kill? KEEP
  • A verbose line to remind the reader that you're hardworking and dedicated to your career? KILL
  • Fancy border around the end – you are not Martha Stewart, KILL
  • A list of your recent client engagements – KEEP
  • My interests are normal, conversation starters, like traveling and hiking – KEEP
  • I have a worm farm that I'm very proud of – KILL, literally 
  • Staff/managers: college jobs if they are relevant to your career – KEEP
  • College jobs at the corner hot spot flippin' pizzas or pourin' $1 beers – KILL

With regards to the last bullet – did you work full-time or heavily part-time through college?  State that in a bullet point under your academic details. 

Don’t forget. The reason you went into public accounting in the first place – the CPA.  If you’ve passed it, the three little letters should absolutely be next to your name in the header.  If you are actively pursuing the exam, have passed a few parts, etc., list those details on your résumé as well.  Being proactive about discussing your CPA ambitions is important.  You shouldn’t assume HR folks will follow up to find out if you’ve passed BEC or not. 

What else? Leave you comments below.