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Accounting News Roundup: EY Bags RBS Audit; Motivating People That Annoy You; Today’s Tax Ballot Initiatives | 11.04.14

Father wins sex discrimination case after request to work part-time rejected [Telegraph]
A PwC manager named Erik Pietzka couldn't convince his firm to arrange a flexible schedule for him: "Mr Pietzka asked bosses at the firm whether he could take two days off work a week to spend with his daughter, as seeing her involved a four-hour drive across the country. Shortly after his daughter was born he had applied for flexible working hours so he could spend more time with her, but both this and his request to work part-time were initially denied – though it was later agreed he could take one day off a week. The colleague who dealt with his application warned Mr Pietzka that pursuing the idea would harm his career prospects, an employment tribunal heard. The same colleague later blocked his chances of promotion in an annual review."

RBS gives EY biggest financial services win yet [FT]
RBS paid Deloitte
£29.9 million last year, so yeah, not bad. 

How to Motivate Someone You Don’t Like [HBR]
Step one: Immerse yourself! "
To change the dynamic, you need to actually create more opportunities to be together, so you can get to know the person’s back-story. This will have two benefits: First, you’ll get used to her quirks, which will make you more comfortable with them. Second, you’ll learn about what makes her tick and how you can tap into those values as a source of motivation."

Accounting student arrested for attempted sex assault [USAT]
Yikes. Julian Correa is in big trouble: "
Police arrested Correa on Saturday after he admitted to following a 20-year-old Tulane and tried to force her into a car. His is accused of pulling out a knife, holding it to the woman's neck and touching her inappropriately. Only when two men walked up was she able to get away and call for help. Correa is charged with simple battery and second-degree kidnapping, according to the Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office. If he is able to make bond, he won't be able to return to campus and must wear an ankle monitor."

Voters to Consider Tax Ballot Initiatives in Eighteen States Tomorrow [Tax Foundation]
Today, actually. Happy voting.

This Graphic Offers Good-Looking Fonts to Replace Dull, Overused Ones [Lifehacker]
A helpful post after last month's most heated debate.

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