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Here’s Your Open Thread for the First CPA Exam Score Release of Q4 2014

Last week, we learned that NASBA had all but shut down their website to prevent eager score-checkers from blowing up the site like they did last CPA exam score release. This was a first for NASBA and we'd be lying if we said we didn't secretly hope they'd somehow screw this up and end up not being able to release scores today, 11/4, as promised. Can you even imagine? Anxious CPA exam candidates would have been headed to Nashville with flaming pitchforks to burn the place down.

Well, it appears NASBA kept up their end of the deal, the website didn't crash when a flood of candidates started checking at midnight, and everyone is happy. Well, everyone except those who failed.

Will NASBA call their diabolical little plan to keep candidates from crashing their website a success and use that tactic in the future? Or will they take a good hard look at their infrastructure and figure out how to keep their website from crashing instead of preventing candidates from crashing it?

That remains to be seen. For now, celebrate! Or cry in your beer. Whatever.