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Accounting News Roundup: SEC Budget Gets a Boost; PwC Wants More Audit Committee Disclosure; Madoff Ex-CFO to Sell New Jersey Home | 02.02.10

Obama Seeks 12 Percent Budget Increase for SEC [AP via NYT]
Figuring the troops could use some help, PBO’s new budget will increase the Commission’s budget to $1.3 billion, including $419 million for new enforcement personnel.

In addition to the feds generous appropriation, the Commission is also budgeting for $1.7 bil in fees from new stock registration for 2011. Mary Schapiro seemed pleased saying that the truckloads of budget dollars will “do a great deal to help us keep pace with the continuing growth of the markets and provide necessary resources to support important regulatory initiatives in 2011.”

Whether or not $3 billion is going to save the sinking ship will remain to be seen although the “throwing money at the problem” solution seems to be in full effect.

We need more disclosure from audit committees: PwC [Accountancy Age]
Someone had to say it! PwC seems to have had enough of the give, give, give action they’ve been doing and would like a little transparency sent their way courtesy of the audit committee.

In a submission to the UK’s Auditing Practices Board P. Dubs “believes there should be new disclosures which articulate the principles that audit committees apply in deciding whether the auditor should provide non-audit services.”

It’s not good enough that you won’t engage us for non-audit services, we want to know why! It’s important that we know. And for those of you that feel that non-audit services undermine independence, you simply don’t have all the facts, and therefore should BTFO.

Madoff’s Ex-Finance Chief to Give Up NJ Home [NYT]
Frank DiPascali, not so much a CFO as he was a really good liar, has agreed to sell his home in Bridgewater, New Jersey. The feds will being doing the honors and it will come with all the appliances, furniture, etc. which probably makes for a decent deal. This is possibly where one would insert a Jersey Shore reference but we don’t know anything about the show other than most people on it aren’t from New Jersey. Happy hunting.

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