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Accounting News Roundup: Disclosing Carried Interest; Strange Job Titles Are Bad; Stop Checking Email | 04.08.15

Carried Interest Should Be Disclosed on Tax Forms, and to Private Equity Investors [DealBook]
Among other reasons, Victor Fleischer says it would be NBD: "The administrative burden would be trivial. For tax disclosure purposes, carried interest could be defined simply as any allocation of income to the general partner made pursuant to the waterfall provision of the partnership agreement. Every fund, whether in real estate, venture capital, private equity or distressed debt, has to make this calculation every year in any event."

Millennials Have Little Use for Professional Money Advice [Bloomberg]
Interestingly, 72% of those surveyed said, "they have financial goals," while only 20% have "a plan in place to achieve those goals."  

It’s all due a week from today. The case for extensions. [Joe Kristan/Tax Update]
Joe Kristan runs down all the explanations you'll need for clients who don't want to.

Sounds like EY Entrepreneur speed-dating.

Why unusual job titles are bad for you and your company [Fortune]
Sorry, Accounting Ninjas and Chief Happiness Officers.

Why Checking Email After Work Is Bad for Your Career—and Your Health [Money]
In a word: burnout.

Top Cities Where Women Earn More Than Men [Forbes]
Mostly in California.

British Prime Minister David Cameron Caught Eating Hot Dog With Knife and Fork [ABC]