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Accounting News Roundup | 12.30.11

Ed. note: This is the last roundup of 2011, capital market servants. Thanks for a great year! We're taking Monday off back to a full slate on Tuesday. Have a safe New Year's and try not to do something stupid, like getting arrested or vomiting on your date's shoes. Of course if that does happen, we're always here to give advice on how to handle such situations. See you in 2012!

“Uncomfortable Dance”: Here’s the Sexual Harassment Letter That Got Mark Hurd Fired [AllThingsD]
In a serious corporate allegation, also during the Madrid trip, Hurd allegedly called her room and told her about a then-undisclosed deal in the works, in which HP was going to acquire the tech consulting firm EDS. Fisher had heard of the company, having lived before in Dallas. Hurd told her to keep what she knew about the deal secret. This back and forth continued for another year and a half, the letter said, with HP global events in Philadelphia, Boston, Boise, Idaho and Tokyo. “She continually had to put you off, make excuses, scurry away or simply leave,” the letter read. “Oftentimes, you would be irritated and angry and on a few occasions, you were so angry when she put you off, she expected to get fired.” Yet Hurd would always engage her again, the letter recounted. But, by 2009, the letter said, it was clear his patience was wearing thin. He tried another tack, offering her money, asking if there was anything she needed. Hurd confessed that he felt he could spend the rest of his life with her, but would have to see “how the chemistry in bed was.”

IRS: 'Partying priest' owes $358G in taxes [STT]

Mr. Malia, the former vicar of St. James Episcopal Church in Dundaff, Susquehanna County, made national headlines in December 2008 when the New York Daily News painted him as a frequent guest at upscale city nightclubs and a patron willing to buy expensive champagne and leave five-figure tips.
How to Survive the Perils of New Year’s Eve [LH]
Take it easy on the champagne. Makes for a wicked hangover.
Whose Welfare? [NYT]
When will the Internal Revenue Service crack down on the secret political money already flooding the 2012 campaign from partisan operatives ludicrously claiming to be “social welfare” activists under the tax law?
What do tax evasion, murder and tongue self-mutilation have in common? [Tax Update]
His name is Michael Crocker and he is from Mobile, Alabama.
Romney refuses Occupy Iowa demand that he release his tax returns [DMWT]
Flash: Dude is rich.


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