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Footnotes: A Tax Messi; Actually, the IRS Is Nothing Like Enron; Staffing Issues at CPA Firms | 06.12.13

Spanish Court Files Tax Evasion Charges Against Messi [NYT]

Should Small Businesses Adopt New Accounting Standards? [BBW]

Internship Ends With No Job Offer? How to Cope [WSJ]

Ways and Means Chairman: IRS targeting of Tea Party groups didn't start in Ohio [The Hill]

The Internal Revenue Service Isn't at All Like Enron I find inappropriate, and in a very real sense endangering, the kinds of attacks such as those leveled by Mr. Law on employees trying to do a very difficult job of administering the tax code as written by Congress. Having worked for the IRS and as president of the National Treasury Employees Union, I can tell you that the culture at the IRS is not a politicized one. IRS employees are dedicated, talented men and women whose goal is to implement the tax laws Congress writes. IRS employees serve the public, and they are proud to do so. [WSJ]

What Entrepreneurs, VCs Think about CFOs [CFO]

PwC CFO Sees Gains From Big Business Transformations PwC is undertaking a major business transformation all at once, and intends to spend at least the next three years making new investments in collaborative technologies, data analytics and mobile functionality so that its employees can work seamlessly from far-flung locations using any tool from an iPad to a laptop. [CFOJ]

Staffing, succession emerge as top CPA firm concerns [JofA]

Second IRS furlough day scheduled for Friday [The Hill]

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