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Footnotes: The POTUS Tax Return; Hallmark Tax Moments; YOLO for Accountants | 04.12.13

Here are Barack Obama and Joe Biden's 2012 tax returns. [THP]

"Obamacare" Tax Increases Could Cost The President Less Than $2,000 In 2013 [Tony Nitti/Forbes]

Here are some Tax Day ecards that you some of you should use for your most favorite clients. [SomeeCards]

More than a third of us like, or even love, doing our taxes [DMWT]

After booze's victory in GCMMBSSF&BvsT, this post seems appropriate. [Gizmodo]

A Florida man tried to steal ten cans of Axe Body Spray in his pants, but a broken bicycle foiled his getaway. [TGD]

Banana, Lobster Accused Of Stealing $1,000 Sculpture [HP]

I'm not sure about this, but whatever, it's been a weird week. [YouTube]

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