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Accounting News Roundup: Taxes, *Very* Different Career Paths, and Lewd Behavior | 08.11.17

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Consummate bullshit artist and current POTUS Donald J. Trump repeated one of his favorite falsehoods yesterday, saying, “We pay more tax than anybody in the world.” Although this has been discredited by countless economists and tax experts, they made the rounds again including this exasperated guy from the Tax Foundation:

“Two years later, and I’m still answering this one,” the Tax Foundation’s Director of Federal Budgets Kyle Pomerleau, told NBC News. “The answer is still the same: No, the United States is not the highest-taxed nation in the world.”

“We are nowhere close to the top,” says another guy.

Career paths

Doug McHoney is an international tax partner at PwC who’s been producing video blogs on various topics for the better part of a year. His insane global travel schedule serves as a backdrop for the videos and the hijinks that come along with it.

He discusses career paths in the most recent video, including his own to become a tax partner at PwC. To contrast, he also interviewed me, a person who is decidedly not a tax partner of any measure, about my career path that started in accounting and veered into online media and journalism.

If that’s not enough for you, and you have an hour to kill, Doug published our entire discussion online that will include me talking about my all cringe-worthy moments along the way. Fair warning: there is some jam band talk in the uncut video.

Accountants behaving badly

This New York Post article describes a lawsuit that alleges all kinds of outrageous behavior at American Funding Group, a “debt relief company,” including strippers, blow-up dolls in interviews, quid pro quo sex, and all-around “sexual harassment playground.” That includes this particular anecdote:

The lawsuit also described the time a female employee, encouraged by male managers, lifted her skirt and pressed her bare butt against a glass conference room window for the entire office to see.

Instead of reprimanding or disciplining the employee for the bizarre office strip show, accounts receivable manager Michael Marino gleefully threw himself against the other side of the glass and began “air humping” the worker, proudly exclaiming, “How else could I respond to that?!,” the lawsuit said.

Any number of ways, I imagine, given the (alleged) acceptable behavior at this place.

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In other news:

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