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Accountant Steals from Toys ‘R’ Us, Buys Hookers Bentleys

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for prostie.jpgBefore we get started, we just want to kindly request that you keep any thoughts or comments you have about Geoffrey masks to yourselves, okay? Thanks.
Anyhoo, an accountant in the UK has pleaded guilty to 18 counts of theft of £3.7 million from Toys ‘R’ Us that he spent on hookers and other necessities including said hookers’ mortgages and their transportation needs.

[Paul] Hopes encountered most of the call girls while touring the country on business, drinking in the bars of luxury hotels. He spent about £500,000 of the money on “food, drink and entertainment”, according to one source. He also gave thousands of pounds to call girls and bought one a Bentley.
“He developed an infatuation with at least a couple of the girls,” said one investigator. “Sometimes thousands of pounds in cash were passed over in envelopes and they could do what they wanted with it.”
He paid off the mortgage of at least one escort — although he failed to do the same for the loan on his own home. According to the economic crime unit of Thames Valley police, there is no suggestion that Hopes’s wife or his two children benefited from the fraud in any way.

Yes, the man was married with children. And yes, the man was willing to make sure that a lady of the evening had a roof over her head before his own family. So, mild-mannered, grey-haired, double-chinned number crunchers that are leading double lives. Consider this your warning. Everyone will be looking at you differently.
Quiet Paul from accounts in £3m secret life of fast cars and call girls [Times Online]