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Working in a Winter Wonderland | 02.17.15

We sincerely hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday yesterday, if such a thing was available to you. As you may have noticed, we had the day off which worked out nicely considering the skies opened up and finally dropped a glorious covering of fluffy snow across my neighborhood and beyond all day yesterday.

I'm always partial to anything that causes the federal government to shut down but hey, that's just me. I did manage to make a snowman this morning; or rather, more like a snowblob after I dug my car out from under half a foot of snow. Naturally, East Coasters are still freaking out about this as if it doesn't happen every year around this time.

Now that we're back to the grind, we can't say there's much going on out there. NASBA is closed, Deloitte is welcoming a new global CEO, and you guys are still asking questions about how to negotiate a better salary. You know, same old same old. Hopefully you're stocked up on plenty of milk, bread, toilet paper, and maybe a banana should you be one of the many lucky souls like myself in a winter wonderland this fine Tuesday.