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Accepted Big 4 Offer – Do I really need a Masters in Accounting?

Hello All,

I recently accepted a big 4  audit full-time offer and my start date is in the Fall of next year. The offer is contingent on me being CPA eligible. To be CPA eligible, I don’t need a Masters in Accounting, I simply need to have 150 credit hours. I finished my undergraduate degree with 140 credit hours, so I’m three classes away from being CPA eligible.

With that being said, would it be a waste of time for me to pursue a Masters? My intent is to pass the CPA while getting experience with the big 4. I’ve heard from many others that a Masters in Accounting is useless once you have your CPA. Can anyone confirm this?

I don’t want to waste the time and money on a Master’s degree. I feel that the big 4 experience and the CPA will be a big enough resume booster, and the Masters, essentially, will be a waste of effort.

Thank you for your honest opinions.