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10/1 CPA Exam Test Takers Are Still Salty About Missing Out on Today’s Score Release (As They Should Be)

a jar of salt

Last week, CPA exam candidates got worked up over an “error correction” that meant people who tested on October 1 would not be included in the 10/11 score release as previously stated on the AICPA’s score release timeline. You see, up until September 30th the AICPA’s timeline said that if you sat by 10/1, you should expect your score by October 11 but then the window suddenly changed to September 30 on September 30th. Candidates who scheduled exams on October 1 weeks or even months prior would now receive their scores at the beginning of November rather than ten days after testing as they expected when they picked this date. This naturally led to much anger, frustration, and yelling at NASBA from Twitter accounts with generic shaded heads as profile pictures (also probably some very entertaining, expletive-filled emails to Barry Melancon over that weekend). The AICPA apparently told candidates October 1 was an error and it was always supposed to be September 30. Oops. Suck it, people who could only schedule their exam on a Saturday I guess.

Up until yesterday many of the October 1 test takers held out hope that maybe, just maybe, the benevolent overlords of the CPA exam would find a way to fast track their exam data and get their results out under the original timeline. It appears that did not happen.

It’s got to be demoralizing scrolling r/CPA today seeing everyone celebrating their passing scores if you are one of the unlucky few affected by The Great Date-Changing of 2022. My condolences everyone and best of luck to you on November 8.