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Interview Strategy for Second Round

So, here is my story: I'm in the process of interviewing with several companies and trying to move from audit into private industry. For the first time in a while I've actually made to the second round of interviews. Now I'm not sure what the practice is outside of my industry group, however, in the second round it is common to interview with people who will be working under you (its a middle management position).


My strategy in this part of the process has always been to reiterate two facts: 1) I'm always ready to listen and I have an incredible amount of patience when it comes to teaching/explaining anything and 2) I'm not perfect and can admit when I don't know or don't understand something and am always willing to learn.


Given the fact that I've never been very sucessfull in this portion of the interview process I'm wondering what strategies other people have pursued. My feeling is that admitting to imperfection may be the thing that is bogging me down since I've heard many people state that you have to present the best possible picture to a potential employer. On the other hand, one of the reasons for interviewing with potential future subordinates is to make sure that there are no problems interacting with any new hires and obviously presenting yourself as an arrogant "know-it-all" may not earn you any points either.


So I would like to phrase my question in this way:

1) Have you been in this situation?

2) What strategy did you pursue?

3) Did it actually work out?