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January 31, 2023

Young Woman’s Dreams of Being Hired by KPMG Are Shattered by Possibly Being Hired by KPMG

This young lady wanted a job as a KPMG auditor so bad, she wrote a song and made a video about it.

Unfortunately, while KPMG admitted her attempt shows that accounting is more than just number-crunching, the firm is in talks with the songwriter to bring her on in a marketing capacity. A far cry from that dream auditing job she wanted but it's still KPMG, right?

Accounting undergraduate and songwriter behind KPMG Audit Team, Meri Amber, may not have guaranteed herself a permanent job with her viral pitch for employment, but the Big Four firm does want to work with her.

Obeying the song’s plea to “please give me a call”, KPMG’s national manager of graduate recruitment, Rebecca Jones, said she’d had a preliminary discussion with Amber – real name Meriana Gyory – about promoting the firm to 2014’s crop of accounting graduates.

“We thinks it’s a good song. It’s nice to see the industry portrayed in a quirky, unusual way that helps break the stereotypes,” Jones says.

"We thinks it's a good song?" Please tell me that's a typo.

Anyhoo, Jones was quoted as saying "[The Big Four are] all looking for people who are well-rounded, and we could definitely work with someone like Meri to show that KPMG is more than just an accounting firm."

Clearly they aren't thinking about sending her out on a client any time soon, so it's not like they're proving their own statement wrong by fast-tracking this well-rounded young lady to marketing or anything. Maybe they can get her to pen the next big recruiting song to seduce 2014's graduates over to KPMG.

Oh, and you can buy her song (!) here. I tried to listen to "End of Financial Year" but I guess I'm too old to get this kind of stuff.

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