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Young Professional Dilemma

Hi All,

I have a bit of a unique situation here. I left the big 4 as a staff auditor about 7 months ago. I was only at the big 4 firm for about a little more than a year. The reason why I left was because I was going through quite a bit at the time. First of all, I never really felt very comfortable with the culture at the firm (it’s very much like a fraternity) and I was pretty unhappy at the time. Also, busy season was approaching and I just found out I failed a section of the CPA exam and had to pass it before I loose another section. There was alot of pressure coming through me at the time and I figured it would be best for me to leave and work for a smaller local public accounting firm instead.

After I left, I went through quite of a depressions stage. I did end up passing all my exams and is currently at this local accounting firm. But a part of me is still unhappy and unsatisfied. I miss my own firm and the job I used to be on. I miss being in a big 4 and working with young and motivated people. I regret that I just threw away that big 4 opportunity so easily when I fought so hard for it and has worked so hard to get there. I am having a hard time finding peace with my decision and coming terms with myself.

What do you  guys suggest I should do? Should I continue to stay at this local firm I am at right now? I don’t even know what is right or wrong to do anymore. I am feel very young and inexperienced and not sure what I should do.