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You Can Now Drive By Dallas Police HQ on Botham Jean Boulevard

Back in January we told you guys about the Dallas City Council approving to rename a four-mile stretch of South Lamar Street, including where the Dallas Police Department’s headquarters is located, in memory of Botham Jean, the PwC accountant who was murdered in his apartment by a Dallas police officer in September 2018.

Botham Jean Boulevard was officially unveiled this past Saturday with Jean’s family in town.

‘Botham Jean Boulevard’ Officially Unveiled in Dallas [NBC]

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2 thoughts on “You Can Now Drive By Dallas Police HQ on Botham Jean Boulevard

  1. Stupid. It was a stupid accident. They act like she woke up that day to murder a random guy so she could spend 10 years in prison.

    1. @Michael, An accident is rear-ending someone on the highway; an accident is NOT knocking on the wrong apartment, the person opens the door and you find them eating ice cream and then shooting them. This was an heinous act, people shouldn’t minimize it as anything other than that.

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