Will Running Up the Corporate Card and Not Paying Get You Fired?

It's a slow day at the factory so let's pull this one out of the mailbag for consideration:

Has anyone ever been terminated for not paying back their corporate card? My friend, who wants to be unnamed, has a 120 past due balance on their card (roughly $2,300 balance). He is freaking out. Should he be concerned about losing his job?

Well let's see here, did your "friend" run up a bunch of charges that can't be expensed? Is your "friend" liable for those charges? And, most importantly, can your "friend" pick away at the balance by foaming lattes at Starbucks?

This all sounds a bit shady so we're going to have to say we don't know. Did your "friend" just run up a few Gold Club lunches and "forget" to pay the bill or is there a genuine misunderstanding as to whose charges these are?

Pay it. Er, tell your "friend" to pay it. It is probably in your your "friend's" name so paying it would be the wise thing to do, with or without the threat of termination.

Remember: corporate cards aren't free money. Sad we even have to remind you of that but, well, you know.

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