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Will This Deloitte Tax Consultant Be the Next Miss America?

Okay, maybe I'm getting ahead of myself. Vivian Wei is currently vying for the Miss California crown, so let's not get too excited just yet, but sure, it's a possibility! Right now, Ms. Wei is reigning Miss San Francisco which is pretty good, I guess. She's a graduate of UC Berkley's Haas School of Business and apparently does a helluva tap dance number. Unfortunately, the only photos of her we can find are reaction shots in the moments immediately after learning that she had won. You know the type – when the winner has to cover her mouths to keep the shrieking from being audible and the adjacent losers prevent her from collapsing into a heap of evening gown on the stage.

So no tap dance action shots, no evening gown competition, and definitely no swimsuit photos (good ahead and try, but I had no luck). However, the Chronicle managed to get the scoop:

Clad in a purple two-piece, Wei employed her own strategy [for the swimsuit competition]. "When I go out in my swimsuit, I think, 'They're not looking at my body, they're looking at me, so I'm going to talk to them with my eyes!' "
It's not immediately known if that method works with any of Deloitte's tax clients. Congrats, Vivian.