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10 Things Going Concern Readers Want For The Holidays

Forgive me for posting this too soon if in fact it is too soon but Christmas will be here before we know it so might as well get on this now.

We're working on a Pinterest board of gifts for the accountant in your life (email us if you have one to add) but this list to come is specific to you, the GC faithful. What do you all want under your tree this year? I have some guesses.

Moar this guy

Fun fact: Greg Kyte actually tried to walk away from GC at some point, claiming he was too busy with everything else in his life to continue bringing his unique brand of humor and insight to the GC faithful. We basically told him this place is like a gang and once you're jumped in, there's no getting out and threatened to send a van full of my crazy ex boyfriends to beat him up if he tried to get away from us. So he's still around but I think we all secretly hope he'll find the inspiration to do more than just one post every quarter. We love you, Greg. Don't ever leave us.

A new but equally awesome photo like this of Hans Hoogervorst

Bro, do something funny. We know you have it in you.

Stephen Chipman — FOUR MORE YEARS

The guy grows on you after awhile, ya know? He's no BoMo but all things considered… uh… wait… does anyone here actually give a shit? Alright then, moving on.

To never see this guy again

My predecesor had a raging (but platonic) boner for Grover Norquist and now that I'm running the show over here, I totally get it. His tweets are pure comedy and he doesn't even realize it. Norquist is one of the best trolls in Washington and the best part is he doesn't even realize he's trolling. That said, I'm sure we all wish he'd just fuck off already.

Another firm rebranding

Preferably one as awkward as EY's. But since we're still all obsessed with PwC's minimalist autumnal theme, we'll take anything we can get. KPMG's logo looks like it was made in MS Paint back in 1986 so hopefully they've got something new stashed in Phil Mickelson's hat.

A social media meltdown from Mickelson Hat

Speaking of Phil Mickelson's hat, you know what would be rad? For the person running the Mickelson Hat Twitter account to drunkenly log in and go on a big rant like that Chrysler guy who tweeted ""I find it ironic that Detroit is known as the #motorcity and yet no one here knows how to f**king drive" from the official Chrysler account and got fired for it. Thankfully we don't have that problem over here at Going Concern, my personal tweets and work tweets are equally offensive #suckit #ujellybro

A forum


A forum

Yes I meant to post this twice because let's face it, you guys really, really, really, really, really want a forum. We heard you the first 50,001 times.

Moar memes

The best part about accounting memes is that no one else understands why they are funny. But WE do and that's all that matters. Share freely on Facebook, even if your lame high school friends with crappy, non-accounting jobs won't understand what the hell you're laughing at.

Piles and piles of money

Who doesn't want piles of money? But you, GC faithful, want piles of money more than just about anyone, and you're willing to live a miserable, thankless life slaving away for your firms to get it. It's admirable, really, and may you find a big fat bonus in your stocking next to the coal.