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Which Popular Accounting Hashtag Should You Use? An Explainer

You cannot deny the chaotic beauty of Twitter. There's something oddly soothing watching millions of voices shout into the void with little regard for who will be listening. Hashtags provide some method to the madness, yet each retains its own flavor of ridiculous.

In the accounting world, I've noticed 3 hashtags emerge: #auditorproud, #BusySeasonProblems and #taxissexy. It's worth exploring each of these in detail so that accounting professionals know where they can best contribute to the mess. Let's begin.

#AuditorProud — This hashtag debuted late last year when special interests decided that auditor pride was in too short of supply on social media. I reckon it has something to do with all the verbal abuse they've had to endure from clients over the years. Anyway, #AuditorProud has something for everyone.

The sincere:

The silly:

The sad:

The #SMH:

#AuditorProud can't be beat in terms of its pure randomness.

You should be using #AuditorProud if you are:

A) An auditor;
B) Proud of A;
C) Sad about B.

#BusySeasonProblems — The original hashtag for accounting professionals. Busy season problems are so widespread that they inspired Going Concern March Madness last year. They are diverse and sometimes petty, but the fact remains that they are all too real

As you can see, #BusySeasonProblems is mostly an endless cycle sleep deprivation, eating too much (or not at all), medicating oneself and working weekends. It never gets old.

You should use #BusySeasonProblems if you are either:

A) Working late;
B) Eating your feelings;
C) A and B;
D) Wearing the same clothes as yesterday;
E) Anything else found here.

Finally, we have the newest entrant into accounting hashtag canon: #TaxIsSexy. I figured tax people didn't need the self-esteem boost but #TaxIsSexy came about after the ballyhooed launch of #AuditorProud. Despite being effusive, there are some flashes of brilliance:

Well, that's about it. You should use #TaxIsSexy if:

A) You're a tax professional.
B) You're feeling sexy because of A.
C) Nothing in the Right Said Fred song applies to you. 

These are simple guidelines that warrant serious debate and amendment, if necessary. Of course if you've been using a hashtag that's not represented here, I invite you to make a case for its inclusion below.