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What type of work would an intern be doing in Forensics with Big 4?

I've been talking to a Big 4 firm about their forensics practice and I feel like I'm in love with it. I'm reconsidering my original focus on the tax path. The projects sound way more interesting and varied than what I could find with tax. Anyways, what I got out of talking with them is that the workload can fluctuate depending on when they get projects and the traveling lifestyle can be hard to balance. I've done a tax internship this past summer and thought tax work fits with the way my brain works. You know, lots of detail work, regs, a little more black and white.

Right now, I think forensics is something I might be more passionate about but I don't think I have a good picture of what the day-to-day work might be like. Investigating? Interviewing? I'd like to hear from anyone who's working in this area.