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Layoff Watch ’20: Did This Top 50 Accounting Firm Tell a Bunch of People Their Services Were No Longer Needed?

You might be wondering why I used a photo of Leo to go with an article about an accounting firm that has possibly joined the layoff club. Well he’s the only clue I could think of to give to see if anyone could help us confirm a tip we received about some people at this firm losing their jobs recently.

Because I haven’t been able to confirm this or seen this discussed by our friends over at Fishbowl and Reddit, I didn’t want to blurt out this firm’s name all willy-nilly. But hopefully this one and only easy clue will get us the confirmation(s) we need that there were indeed headcount reductions at this firm.

OK, here’s the clue, followed by the tip we received on April 17:

This firm’s name is the last five letters of Leo’s last name.

[XXXXX] has laid off 30 to 40 employees.

I’m a former employee there and an audit manager told me he was laid off with 30 to 40 others. The spiel they were given was cash flow concerns along with the coronavirus impact on business. I suspect they are getting rid of those considered to be “underperformers” and using corona as an excuse.

OK guys, you know what to do. If you know this tip to be true, contact us using any of the methods below.