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What Career Questions Do You Have for the PCAOB’s Director of Inspections?

As we've discussed, it's time for you to look for a new job; yes, even if you're not interested in leaving your current gig.

For the auditors out there, you may or may not have considered the possibility of joining the PCAOB. While the mere mention of the Board causes some auditors to fly into a psychotic episode, many others have sincere interest in what a career at the Board might be like.

Why, would anyone in their right mind, want to work at the Board? Well, they have several locations around the country, the pay is competitive and they even get decent reviews on Glassdoor. And they're always hiring, especially people with good auditing experience.

After some cajoling, the Board has agreed to answer your most pressing questions about what it's like to work at the PCAOB, what career progression looks like, what kind of skills they're looking for, what the work is like, etc. We'll collect your questions here and they will be answered by the Director of the Division of Registration and Inspections, Helen Munter. Ms. Munter has been with the Board since 2004, serving a number of roles prior to becoming the Division Director. Prior to working at the Board, she was an Audit Partner and Deputy  Director of Professional Practice at Deloitte in San Francisco. She spent a total of 16 years at Deloitte out of the SF and Barcelona offices. Fun fact: a firm's response to its inspection results are addressed to her. Here's McGladrey's from last year. 

So if you've ever been skeptical and/or curious and/or seriously interested in what a career at the PCAOB might be like, post your question in the comments or email it to us. We'll sort through all the noise; questions such as ,"Do you only hire failed auditors?", "Why did you give this firm a 55.6% failure rate?" and the like won't make the cut. Keep it focused on career stuff and we'll submit the best questions.    

Alright, then. We good? Grand. Fire away.