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What Are You Guys Drinking While Working From Home?

I don’t know why y’all are so eager to get back to the office because isn’t it better to be drinking a gin and tonic, sipping whiskey, or downing your favorite IPA while staring blankly at a spreadsheet at home than doing so while having a cup of coffee, Ice Mountain bottled water, or Red Bull at work?

Acid Prism Blackout fruited sour from Riverlands Brewing Co.

Sure, I love coffee and probably drink it throughout the day more than any other human I know. But I also love beer, and because I get to work from home all the time, I like to crack open a 16-ounce can of a New England IPA or a fruited sour brewed by my youngest brother, Eric, who is the head brewer and co-owner of Riverlands Brewing Co. in St. Charles, IL. And on a hot summer afternoon, I’ll have a vodka lemonade or two.

Looks like many of you are also having an adult beverage at home during work hours. According to a survey of nearly 12,900 verified professionals who are on Fishbowl, 42% of them have admitted to having an alcoholic drink while working at home during the pandemic.

We don’t yet know how many accountants who use Fishbowl said yes or no to drinking on the job (although KPMGers and Deloitters took the survey), but we do know that people in marketing and advertising are hitting the bottle the most, at 49%.

Another survey by found that one in three people (32%) have had alcohol on the job during the pandemic. Beer (44%) was the most popular drink for men, while cocktails (38%) are the most popular among women.

So, what’s your alcoholic beverage of choice while working at home? How many drinks do you have during work hours? Do you get more work done with a cocktail or beer on your desk than without?

Let us know what you’re drinking in the comments. Or if you want to remain anonymous, email or text us using the contact information below.

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