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What a Relief. There’s Now a Global List of Best Employers

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for outsourcing.jpgTechnically its Unverisum’s 50 Most Attractive Employers.

Universum, an “employer branding company”, claims FIRST! on a global list:

This is the first global index of employer attractiveness and highlights the world’s most powerful employer brands, those companies that excel in talent attraction and retention. The global rankings are based on the employer preferences of students from US, Japan, China, Germany, France, UK, Italy, Russia, Spain, Canada and India.

The usual suspects all made the top ten with PwC coming in at #2, E&Y at #5, KPMG at #8, and Deloitte at #10. This varies considerably with the BusinessWeek list that the Big 4 dominated, with Deloitte on top.

Personally, if we never saw a list of “best employers” of any variety we’d be thrilled but we’re sure the firms are happy to send you an email about this latest triumph. Feel free to speculate on your firm’s ranking, including Deloitte’s big drop, or pass along any spirited communication from your firm.

The World’s Top 50 Most Attractive Employers [Universum]