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Review Comments | 10.26.09

Rajaratnam Changes His Defense Counsel – Raj is going to the bullpen early. [DealBook]

Tannin ‘Blow Up’ E-Mail Won’t Be Seen by Fraud Jury – “U.S. District Judge Frederic Block in Brooklyn, New York, ruled that the government’s search warrant filed in July with Google Inc. to obtain access to the e-mail was overly broad and ‘did not comply with the Warrants Clause of the Fourth Amendment.'” [Bloomberg]

McDonald’s closes in Iceland as currency collapse takes a bite out of Big Mac profits – Just doesn’t seem right. [AP via CT]

Senate Health Bill Includes Public Option – …Annnnd there goes the filibuster. [WSJ]

IRS Unit to Target High-Income Tax Evaders – The Global High Wealth Industry group will be your official government carriers of pitchforks and torches. [WSJ]

Madoff Investor Said to Have Drowned [NYT]