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We Did It Guys, We Found the World’s Most Insufferable Accountant

Once again, r/linkedinlunatics comes through with the gold:

Either this guy is really, really serious about his job OR — and more likely — just really bad at figuring out how to get 16 hours of work done in 10.

If Reddit existed 20 years ago, the comment section on that post would likely be filled with similarly-minded weirdos who consider abandoning any hope of a personal life some kind of twisted badge of honor. Thankfully we live in current day where this kind of behavior is called out for what it is: lunacy.

This is not the flex you think it is, my guy. Go touch grass. Quick, before climate change turns it all to dust and sadness.

7 thoughts on “We Did It Guys, We Found the World’s Most Insufferable Accountant

  1. “This person isn’t even close to being the world’s most insufferable accountant. I can say this with certainty.”
    — Big4Veteran

    1. God I hope so otherwise this is really sad. Giving up that much of your life and nothing to really show for it.

      1. One of the biggest reasons why people have to work a lot in accounting is failing to improve processes. So, congratulations on openly admitting that. I will say this: there are people who didn’t actually have a life and say these things to cover for it. Either way, this person needs to reevaluate their existence.

  2. Somebody tell this kid that if he quits and starts his own practice, he’ll earn 4x as much with 1/5 the effort.

  3. Everything we do as CPA’s is trash after a year. Imagine putting all your time and effort into creating trash, looking back and having nothing. The compensation isn’t even close to the effort. If you want to work that hard and get paid for it, become an attorney.

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