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Latest Accounting Overachiever Comes From PwC

From CyprusMail:

Demos Ioannou, a trainee accountant of PwC Cyprus, achieved the highest world score in the ICAEW [Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales] exams that took place in November 2021. More specifically, Ioannou achieved first place worldwide in the subject of “Strategic Business Management” and was awarded the Walton Prize.

Ioannou, who graduated from the University of Reading with a bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance, is currently a senior associate at PwC Cyprus, according to his LinkedIn profile.

PwC trainee achieves highest ICAEW exam score worldwide [CyprusMail]

One thought on “Latest Accounting Overachiever Comes From PwC

  1. ACCA is the worst company I have ever worked at. My line manager, Abdul, knew absolutely nothing and just had unrealistic expectations. He notoriously didn’t reply to my emails, didn’t provide the requested ACCA documentation and for months didn’t manage to ensure access to the basic tools I had to work with in ACCA. At the same time he gave me “to do” list with nearly 30 points on it.
    The first task he gave me was to write a document that had to be complementary to ACCA global plan – a document which, contrary to what was stated in my objectives and what was explained to me by my line manager, hadn’t been created. In the end I had to write twenty pages document without essential documentation.
    When I asked about the possibility of shadowing a colleague holding the same position, I was informed by my line manager that another employee on the same position doesn’t hold the same duties and responsibilities as I do although the position is the same. What is more, I didn’t receive my payslips on payday while working in ACCA and had no insight to the way in which my salary was calculated. As ACCA didn’t reply to my payslip request, the company had to be aware that ACCA is not acting within the law.

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