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This Way to CPA’s Interview Basics Are a Little Too Basic

First kidney stones, now this? I gotta say, whoever comes up with these graphics deserves a medal.

Today's wisdom: See how else not to screw up your interview."

Other helpful tips:

  • don't fart
  • refrain from whipping out your junk
  • don't talk about your cat
  • wear pants
  • don't wear tear away pants

OK so those were our tips… but the article linked to above does suggest interviewees "wear clothes" as if you'd forget that important bit on your way out the door:

Wear clothes. Unless you’re applying for a position at a nudist colony, you’ll want to dress well for the occasion. Go business casual if you like (i.e., if you don’t want the job); in this business it’s always safer to just wear a suit. Make sure it’s pressed, too, and that your shoes aren’t scuffed/pantyhose aren’t rife with runs. People notice the little things.

Oh This Way to CPA, you're so funny.