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Wake Forest

Wake Forest Continues to Dominate the CPA Exam, Press Releases About Said Domination

I kinda wish I could be the PR person at Wake Forest, it has to be super easy to write what is essentially the same exact press release year after year after year. The following comes as a shock to absolutely no one, though it's probably salt in the wound of that one guy who […]

Wake Forest Less Eager About Patting Itself on the Back for Amazing CPA Exam Pass Rate

They do so with a press release, naturally: Students in the Master of Science in Accountancy (MSA) program at Wake Forest University Schools of Business achieved the top pass rate in the nation on the Certified Public Accountant exam once again, according to the 2012 edition of Uniform CPA Examination Candidate Performance. Wake Forest had […]

Wake Forest’s Lone BEC Failure Might Not Be Alone

I really can't believe I'm writing this now but when I was combing through my now dog-eared, cat-chewed, beer-bottle-stained NASBA Candidate Performance Book for my post yesterday, I realized that the Wake Forest grad who emailed me complaining about how his feelings were hurt was actually hurt over something that did not directly refer to […]

Confirmed: It Sucks To Be The One Wake Forest Grad Who Failed BEC

Remember my post earlier this week that covered the top five CPA exam schools in the country? I’m sure you do. But do you remember the reference I made to the one person from Wake Forest who failed BEC? Probably not, right? I suspect not a single one of you actually read that line, and […]

Here Are the Colleges with the Best CPA Exam Performance

Did I mention I'm enjoying this? These 2010 CPA exam stats have to do with first-time testing events taken by candidates without advanced degrees. The cool part is this is all broken down by section; the not that cool part is the same few schools absolutely killed it on every part. Wake Forest ranked first […]

Here Are Some Random CPA Exam Facts You Didn’t Know You Wanted

It seems everyone is taking off of work this week (at least half my neighbors are) and unless the DoJ decides to bust a huge fraud in the next two days, I got nothing. So you guys get bizarre CPA exam statistics that you may or may not care about. All of these are courtesy […]