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Wake Forest Continues to Dominate the CPA Exam, Press Releases About Said Domination

I kinda wish I could be the PR person at Wake Forest, it has to be super easy to write what is essentially the same exact press release year after year after year.

The following comes as a shock to absolutely no one, though it's probably salt in the wound of that one guy who failed BEC a few years back, as we imagine he is still beating himself up over that (though, really, he should still be flogging himself for sending me the email he did). Anyhoo, without further ado, a little Wake Forest self back-patting:

Students in the Master of Science in Accountancy (MSA) program at the Wake Forest University School of Business achieved the top pass rate in the nation among all universities that offer graduate or undergraduate programs in accounting on the Certified Public Accountant exam once again, according to the 2013 edition of Uniform CPA Examination Candidate Performance.

Wake Forest had the highest pass rate for universities with accounting programs among 791 institutions with ten or more candidates sitting for the exam, as well as the #1 pass rate for large programs (a total of 255 institutions with more than 60 candidates.)

Wake Forest students have earned the top ranking eleven times since the School began offering a Master of Science in Accountancy (MSA) degree in 1997, more than any other university during the same time period.

I especially like how they didn't let that be enough, though.

According to Jack Wilkerson, Senior Associate Dean, Accountancy Programs, "'Performance-ready' is one of the shorthand expressions we use to describe where we want our students to be as they're finishing their academic work in the School of Business. The sustained outstanding performance of our accounting students on the CPA Exam is one clear indicator that our accounting graduates are in fact leaving Wake Forest performance-ready."

Additionally, the 2013 edition of Public Accounting Report places the School's undergraduate and graduate accounting programs in the top 20 overall and in the top 10 among midsized accounting programs.

Traditionally, 100% of Wake Forest's MSA graduates have accepted job offers prior to graduation, with many students receiving multiple offers.

Performance-ready is the most polite way to say "we're better than you" I think I've ever read.

Congrats again, Wake Forest! See you next year for the same press release.