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Vault Accounting 50: Firms #11-#20 (2011)

Jumping back into the Vault Rankings after going over the Top 10 last week, we bring you the firms that are on the cusp of greatness or merely experiencing the best it will ever be.

The most interesting thing about 11-20 is that lack of a “major” firm. If you want to make the argument that CBIZ is a major firm, we suggest you talk them into dropping the “CBIZ” and simply embrace Mayer Hoffman McCann. We shouldn’t have to explain it further than that.

Of course, if you’ve got any news, gossip or anything relatively interesting about any of these firms, email us at [email protected]. As for the firms, here they are to refresh:

11. WithumSmith+Brown, PC – Princeton, NJ
12. Berdon LLP – New York, NY
13. Reznick Group, P.C. – Bethesda, MD
14. Eide Bailly LLP – Fargo, ND
15. Goodman & Company, LLP – Virginia Beach, VA
16. CBIZ & Mayer Hoffman McCann P.C. – Cleveland, OH
17. Armanino McKenna – San Ramon, CA
18. SS&G Financial Services, Inc. – Cleveland, OH
19. ParenteBeard LLC – Philadelphia, PA
20. Schenck Business Solutions – Appleton, WI

And some of the buzz from Vault’s, err, vault:

WithumSmith+Brown, PC – “The people at WS+B are great to work with”— “familial” “culture that’s second to none”; “Not all partners respect scheduling requirements and quality of life”

Berdon LLP – “Reputable”; “Older crowd, not very hip”

Reznick Group, P.C. – “Alot of Big Four alumni”; “Flashy”

Eide Bailly LLP – “Extremely qualified”; “A widely unrecognized name”

Goodman & Company, LLP – “Relaxed culture”; “A mess”

CBIZ & Mayer Hoffman McCann P.C. – “Flexibility and autonomy”; “Change is resisted”

Armanino McKenna – “Upward mobility without waiting for partners to retire”; “Never heard of this firm”

SS&G Financial Services, Inc. – “Personable, friendly environment”

ParenteBeard LLC – “Smart, aggressive”; “Arrogant”

Schenck Business Solutions – “Solid, have only heard positive things”; “Low-ball service provider”; “Macho”

News at these firms fly beneath our radar for the most part but we did not ParenteBearde’s merger last year and Armanino McKenna’s CFO survey from this summer that showed some signs of life in the job Bay Area job market.

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