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Accounting News Roundup: At Least One Guy Picked Up on Tesco’s Problems; Stop the Tax Reform Talk; Calling in Sick Is an Art | 10.08.14

Analyst Predicted A Year Ago That Tesco's Dodgy Accounting Would Hurt It [BI]
Mike Dennis of Cantor Fitzgerald picked up on the retailer's issues in October 2013.

Regents demand Deloitte receipts [AP]
The University of Iowa could live with the first $366k in expenses but now they're putting their foot down: "Deloitte will not have to submit receipts for meals but they will be capped at $20 for dinner, $12 for lunch and $8 for breakfast — the same $40 daily out-of-state per diem that applies for state workers, according to a copy of the amendment released Monday under the public records law. Alcohol is not reimbursable, no first-class airfare will be allowed, and rental cars should generally be mid-sized or smaller, the document shows."

Let's Stop Talking About Tax Reform [Joe Thorndike/Forbes]
Landmark legislation just ain't what it used to be: "Currently, the incentive structure of politics is not conducive to major legislation of any sort, let alone the once-in-a-generation phenomenon that is fundamental tax reform."

Obama tax reform overture grabs K Street’s attention [The Hill]
This is how lobbyists think: “I hear the happy talk,” said Jade West of the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors. “Any time there’s talk about tax reform, we react. We’re paranoid. We’ll start lobbying. But I just don’t see it.”

Garden State accountants wanted.

Stop Believing That You Have to Be Perfect [HBR]
"Failure makes success possible, but not because of the eventual possibility for lucrative exits. Rather, failure opens the dialogue to show that we don’t have to be perfect; in fact, we can’t be. We need to speak honestly and openly — to let ourselves be known, so that failure and mistakes are put in their proper context. We can’t be afraid to acknowledge that, if we’re growing, failure isn’t an anomaly."

The Art of Calling in Sick [Cafe]
Nothing to add except this is a well thought-out post. 

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