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(UPDATE) This PwC Senior Associate Is One of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in Finance and You Are Not

His name is Zack Capozzi, he went to Notre Dame (John Veihmeyer wanted this kid bad) and "is developing new business initiative for PwC using predictive analytics." He was a domer from 2004 – 2008, majoring in computer science, according to his LinkedIn profile (conveniently provided by Forbes), joining PwC's Chicago office in '08. Zack's Facebook page (also conveniently provided by Forbes) indicates that he does forensic work for the firm's advisory practice and is a son of Cantonsville, Maryland.

Anyone out there know or work with Zack? Seems like a sharp guy but maybe he's stealing all your glory? Leave some well wishes below.

UPDATE: A spokesman at PwC referred us to this article over at Fortune that elaborates a little more on the initative that Capozzi is working on. He was a leader of one of the finalist teams in PwC's PowerPitch "innovation contest" that is supposedly the professional services equivalent of American Idol, with the winning team receiving $100,000 to implement their idea. And yes, Capozzi's team won, although since the results were certified by PwC, one could easily doubt the results.

ANYWAY, for those curious, this predictive analysis thingee, "create[s] a sophisticated data-mining practice that can employ the sorts of analytics that, say, Netflix uses to determine which movies each customer wants to see, for clients that don't have those resources in-house." Soooo, okay, at least they threw Netflix comparison in there otherwise I'd be lost. Sounds pretty fancy, so anyone that thinks they're 30U30 caliber talent, this is a taste of your competition. That might mean you have to spend a little less time reading Going Concern, but it could be worth it. 

UPDATE 2: Just a short time ago, I had the pleasure of speaking with Zack and  PwC's Communications Leader Chris Atkins who spearheaded the effort to get Zack on the Forbes list (also, Chris made sure I didn't ask any MF Global questions). Zack admitted that being on the list felt pretty "strange" but was admitted that their were a lot of great names on the list, so I got the sense he was cool with it. When I asked him about the future of intiative, he told us that he and the rest of his team were having conversations with leaders about rolling it out in the next year for clients in non-traditional areas of business, so don't think the predictative analysis idea is getting hijacked and Zack is back in his cubicle. The team is actively involved in its development going forward. 

And for those interested, I asked Zack about forensic work and he said that his team has a wide variety of backgrounds (there's hope auditors!) and likened it to being a "detective" in the sense that you look for clues or "little nuggets of data" as he put it, but I don't get the sense that he was chasing down any Sam Antar types just yet. Thanks Zack, and congrats on making the list.