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(UPDATE) Connecticut Accountant Denies That ‘Paperwork’ Is Code for ‘One Pound of Pot’

UPDATE: The Fairfield Citizen post now reports that the charges against Mr. Rosenberg have been dropped. 

The Fairfield Citizen reports that Stuart Rosenberg, 63, got a surprise package back in May:

According to police, a package was sent by overnight priority mail to Rosenberg's office from Oregon. However, Rosenberg was away and instructed an employee to open the package. Inside there was a small, sealed box addressed to Rosenberg containing the marijuana, at which point the police were contacted, according to the report. When he returned to Connecticut, Rosenberg came to Fairfield police headquarters with his lawyer and allegedly told police the package was supposed to contain paperwork. He denied knowing there was marijuana in the package.
Regardless, Mr. Rosenberg has been charged with possession and intent to distribute. We'll withhold judgment on Mr. Rosenberg for now but it bears repeating – selling drugs, whether you're a seasonal or year-round accountant – is not a good option.