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Is Grant Thornton Finally Coming to Connecticut?

Sounds like it. By way of gobbling up a firm that sounds like it should belong to John Fogerty.

[CCR, LLP] [t]he full-service accounting and advisory firm announced Monday that it has entered into “exclusive negotiations” with Chicago-based Grant Thornton, one of the largest U.S. accounting firms that currently lacks a Connecticut presence. Its closest office is Boston. Neither party elaborated on terms and boundaries of their talks, except to say in a written statement that “a resolution is expected by year-end.” CCR, with offices in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, is the 13th largest accounting firm in the Hartford Region with 44 employees and 22 CPAs[.]

CCR has five office locations, none of which were born on the bayou, and only one – Glastonbury – that’s in the Constitution State. So technically, they’d be in CT but I mean, COME ON.

Another CT CPA firm in merger cross-hairs [HB]

New CPA Sick of Bare Office Walls, Wonders When Certificates Will Arrive

This just in:

I had a question regarding when you receive those frameable versions of your CPA certificate. I passed and became licensed Oct. of 2010. The [Connecticut State Board of Accountancy] just sent my SBOA CPA certificate (the fancy frame-able one). But I have seen in other people’s (who have their CPA) offices that they have frameable certificates from their state’s SBOA, AICPA and state society (i.e. CT Society of CPA’s).

When do you get the AICPA and State Society of CPA’s version of the frame-able certificate? I want to hang them up…otherwise what else is earning a CPA good for (other than that whole making a living thing).

Just for grins, I called up the State Society of CPAs in the Constitution State only to leave a voicemail with their membership coordinator. I also emailed the AICPA’s VP of Students, Academics, and Membership, so I’ll let you know if I hear anything.

And since it’s been a number of years since I’ve passed the CPA and my memory isn’t what it used to be, I can’t really speculate as to the length of your wait. If others are more familiar with the timeliness or lack thereof as it relates to your paper trophies, please inform our inquisitor by commenting below. In the meantime, maybe he should just get one of those old Farrah Fawcett posters? Other suggestions would be welcome.

KPMG Lands More Audit Work From Bridgewater Associates

Big win for the KPMG audit practice in New York as we’ve confirmed that the Asset Management group has won more audit work from the Westport, Connecticut hedge fund.

This week Institutional Investor compiled the largest 25 Hedge Funds and Bridgewater was at the top with $58.9 billion in hedge fund assets. Our source, someone familiar with matter, was impressed, “Huge win for them considering they’re typically fighting for 3rd in those major bids.” It’s our understanding that KPMG had some work from BW but adding more engagements will make for a prestigious addition to their client roster. Congrats to KPMG and the team that made it happen.

What if Deloitte Moved Out of New York City?

What happens when you’re the Prized Catch of the New York City real estate market? You threaten to move your operations to New Jersey or Connecticut, of course!

Per a report on “According to IDA documents, Deloitte notes that it is ‘currently assessing options’ for its metro area real estate strategy, ‘including the evaluation of existing in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.’”

One could assume that this is just a ploy by Deloitte to frighten the IDA into approving $21 million in tax benefits, but Deloitte – currently in four different buildings around the city – bit back with teeth:

In New Jersey, Deloitte US firms “have significant operations, including recently expanded, underutilized class A office space.” Similarly, Deloitte has more than 30,000 square feet of “underutilized” office space in Connecticut, and adds that “various other jurisdictions are being considered” for future growth.

Now before you East Village wannabe socialites and Park Slope stroller pushers freak, let’s break this down.

Deloitte isn’t going anywhere. Corporate Tax breaks are nothing new, right baseball fans?

Even if it were to move across the Hudson to New Jersey, it is doubtful the firm would go farther than Jersey City. Sure, there are comrades in Parsippany; but it would be very difficult to maintain a city presence from exit 45 off of Rte 80. But from a staffing perspective, this would be corporate suicide. What University of Texas (“at Austin” – sure, sure) graduate wants to move to New York City and Not. Actually. Be. In. New York. City?

Recruitment – shot.

Talent retention – HAHAHA.

A handful of current employees thankful their NJ Transit days are over – okay, I’ll give you that one.

Listen – in reality, this is a rather simple case. Manhattan is bleeding vacant office space; Deloitte is promising 2,100 new jobs; no one really wants to take the PATH train to work every morning. This should be a rather slam dunk case.

Unless, of course, Connecticut governor Jodi Rell catches wind that the Green Dot is looking for a new home.