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Upcoming graduation


I will be graduating this summer '16 (full-time internship this winter that pushed my graduation date) and had a couple questions.  First off, my school is not a BIG 4 target, though firms such as RSM recruit heavily.  If I were to contact campus recruiters from the BIG 4 via e-mail and maybe try to get my foot in the door with an interview this way, would I have a chance at getting an interview?  I wouldn't be going the regular route of getting a summer internship through meet the firm's in the fall and getting that full-time offer at the end of the internship, so I'd like your thoughts about this.  Also, should I wait until the spring and email them?  That way I can have that internship experience on my resume.  I plan on sending them my resume/cover letter if and when I email them.  I networked with an alumni who currently is working at  a B4 and still keep in contact with them.  They have a little over a year there now.  How can I tell them to hook me up with a job without seeming so desperate?  I'd really appreciate some honest feeback.


Thank you.