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Turnover at Deloitte Must Be Pretty Bad If They’re Trying to Recruit People They Kicked to the Curb a Year Ago

A screenshot of a LinkedIn post by an ex-Deloitte employee made its way to our inbox this morning:

BTW, this person is currently employed and no longer works in public accounting.

Now that people are voluntarily leaving the Big 4 en masse, desperate times call for desperate measures, I guess.

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11 thoughts on “Turnover at Deloitte Must Be Pretty Bad If They’re Trying to Recruit People They Kicked to the Curb a Year Ago

  1. “Reply and let me know your thoughts.”??? for real? I would have replied with a big F-U.

  2. High stress profession, OCD on details nothing can ever be simple always complicated and re repeat and re prove abs re create transactions that are meaningless. People are miserable to work with, it’s all competition and corporate shill personalities.

  3. Deloitte leaders need to take some leadership courses. They don’t promote or push out people and have a succession issues so then they freak out and hire from their IJV office in India but then they realize those hires don’t have the market connections in North America…

    It’s a joke they keep schilling that culture will help them beat competition but without a hard look at how leaders treat junior staff what do you expect? You can’t hire the best people with terrible pay. I don’t know why anyone woould stay at Deloitte long there’s no up side, miniscule bonus if that, and terrible pay. Get the name and get the f** out.

    1. You are 100% They cut too deep, and now they have major shortages across all the service lines. From what I hear, there will be another wave of departures coming very soon. I just spoke to couple of friends that work for one of their most profitable and fastest growing groups (Cyber Risk Services/Cyber Security) and the rumor is that the highly anticipated raises and bonuses next month will be more than underwhelming for that group. If true, this is a huge opportunity for their competitors or any organization looking for cyber security talent as they are one of the top in that area. Time to make some money off of referrals:)))

      1. I heard about the “underwhelming” bonuses/raises too. I work in the Advisory group and I think it’s across the entire group not just the Cyber Risk Services. Folks were expecting significant compensation as the dates for the raises/bonuses were even shifted (from September to June) to prevent people from leaving, but if they are nowhere near as expected there will be mass departures as people are overworked and getting burnt out. Hope it’s just rumors as otherwise I’ll be one of those joining the mass departures.

  4. They are doing this to kick people off of unemployment. if they offer an ex-employee collecting UI a position and it’s turned down, that person is no longer eligible for UI. And that helps the employers UI rating.

  5. Deloitte has never taken care of his employees concern…it’s sad to see such a big company doesn’t have ethics and still growing big.

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