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The Largest Accounting Firms in Portland, Ranked by Number of CPAs Working There

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Been a while since we’ve ranked anything, thankfully Portland Business Journal came in clutch today and gave the world a good old fashioned ranking of Portland accounting firms.

The full list of 30 firms costs $30 and we don’t have money like that so we’re looking at the five we can see for free. There’s a note at the top that “information was obtained from firm representatives through questionnaires and could not be independently verified by the Portland Business Journal” so keep that in mind.

Sharing this because it includes global CPA numbers and it’s probably good to document that so we can look back twenty years from now and tell our grandchildren stories about the time entities called “accounting firms” employed tens of thousands of people.

Largest Accounting Firms by Number of CPAs in Portland, OR
Firm Metro CPAs Metro Non-CPA Professionals Global CPAs
Moss Adams 99 227 1431
KPMG 88 134 8631
Perkins & Co. 75 51 94
Deloitte 71 333
Geffen Mesher 67 62 73

As you can see, Moss Adams comes in #1 with almost 100 CPAs working in Clackamas, Columbia, Multnomah, Washington and Yamhill counties in Oregon as well as Clark and Skamania counties in Washington (that’s how PBJ has defined “metro”). Deloitte employs the most non-CPA professionals in the area but just 71 CPAs, a mere blip against its worldwide 11,217 CPAs. As we know, Moss Adams is headquartered in nearby Seattle, Perkins & Co. and Geffen Mesher are local to Oregon.

Per its last headcount in 2022, Deloitte US employs 129,110 staff, 135,118 professionals total including PPMDs, and 21,279 administrative, bringing its total to 156,397. We’re elaborating on Deloitte because they appear to have the most CPAs globally and Googling “Deloitte US headcount” returned detailed information in under five seconds. Here, have the whole chart just because:11217

Professional headcount 2022 2021 2020
Partners, principals, and managing directors 6,008 5,665 5,932
Staff 129,110 98,368 89,342
Professionals (partners, principals, and managing directors + staff) 135,118 104,033 95,274
Administrative 21,279 17,660 17,983
Total 156,397 121,693 113,257

If the global CPA number above is correct, that means 2.7% of Deloitte’s global workforce of 415,000 are CPAs. Today we learned.