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Trouble Survivng!

Hi all:

Ive been in public for about a year+ now and I am having many issues. Maybe some of you can empthasize with me; I dont know if my situation is unique or not, but I highly doibt it is.

About myself: I work for a mid size firm (about 250 employees) in the tri state area. My firm is a top one 100 firm, and I generally work on assurance engagements and do a little tax work here and there.

Here are my issues:

1. No manager, and I mean NOT ONE manager knows how to give guidance. They just dump crap on me and my peers, and when we DARE ask questions the nastiness comes out as if we are the idiots. No one has even sat down with me and said, "well this is the backround on the client, this is the backround on the engagement, this is what youll be doing, let me explain things to you a little and see if you can take it from there". Never has this happened to me. Its always like, here, do this. Then when I "finish" the job they start giving !@#$ about how crappy the job was. Is that what firms expect from staff? Heres work, figure it out?!!

2. I am sick of hearing my superiors talking about how hard they work and take credit for work that I and others much lower on the ladder did. I am sick of hearing one manager talk about how during busy season she even comes in when she is sick, and how "last year" she came in even though she was on her death bed.. Im not kidding you. Every !@#$%ing day, I hear the same %$#@! over and over and over. And its not like there is even context. Just out of the blue they will start talking about their "hard" work. Is it possible when he/she comes in at 9:30am and leaves at 5:30pm (with an hour lunch break, and 2 hours of futzing around, and another hour of telling people how hard he works) that he/she goes home and works hard or wakes up early and works like he claims? Absolutely, but I highly doubt it. People that have to sell themselves when no one asked them to, usually dont have much going for themselves.

I can sit over here and tell you story after story of the !@#$% I go through, but I don think you have the time to read all of it.

Do you folks have any suggestions? Should I try to make a move to another firm? All my friends in other firms seem to have the same issue. Am I the issue here? Is public not for me?

My goal is to work hard. But, yes I would also like to  be appreciated for it, properly compensated for it, and above all treated like a normal freakin human being. Does that not exist in public?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.