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Too late for audit?

Hi folks,

A little background.  I’m in my mid-twenties and I have been working in accounting since I graduated.  I have about 2 years of experience now, pretty much all in a staff accountant role with normal staff accountant responsibilities.  I have also passed two sections of the CPA exam, and I will be taking the third in two weeks and the last one in February.

I was wondering about my career path.  When I graduated, I pretty much stayed away from audit, because working in the accounting department for a company was what really appealed to me much more.  While I am an exceptionally hard working individual,  at the time I was not too driven by the idea of working towards upper management and would be perfectly content with my future going towards senior/accounting manager roles as I progressed

I’ve since rethought that, and could definitely see myself wanting more high level opportunities.  As I understand, audit experience is pretty vital for that.

Is too late to get into audit?  Given my experience level and where I have been, how would an accounting firm view my application?  I’m not sure what sorts of positions I should be applying for.  Most audit associate positions seem to be for people fresh out of college, while anything higher seems to be geared toward people with preexisting financial audit experience.  Or is it possible that I am worrying about nothing?

Any insight and feedback would be appreciated.