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To Whom It May Going Concern: Jackson Hewitt Does Not Suck

To Whom It May Going Concern is our infrequent column where we share some of the more, shall we say, interesting messages that come across the wire that just don’t fit anywhere else. Did you get your knickers in a twist about something? Have a tip or feedback for us? Email us at [email protected] or text us at 202-505-8885. All messages are on the record unless stated otherwise. 

In the mailbag today is a response to the TWIMGC we posted on Monday about one person’s horrible experience using Jackson Hewitt.

I was saddened to read about a recent reader’s poor experience with Jackson Hewitt.

I used TurboTax for years (starting back when there was no online option, you had to buy the software) but decided to try Jackson Hewitt when I just couldn’t wait for my refund for my 2019 taxes (I claim the EIC, which delays my refund, now THAT’S a rant!). I used a Wal Mart location and, other than accidentally getting someone else’s paper copy, the experience went smoothly and was overall a good experience. I wasn’t thrilled about paying the fee but discovered that it was about on-market comparatively speaking. The following year, I had a similar situation but it was before the Wal Mart locations opened up. I chose to go with a free-standing location. I found that many of the J-H locations (particularly the ones located in Wal Mart) are owned by different franchises. As this location was not a franchise, they had to go through a few hoops to get my prior year information but after that, everything went smoothly even in the midst of a pandemic.

This year, once again, I am using Jackson Hewitt (I really hate having to wait until the end of February/beginning of March for my refund!) and so far, so good. The first two locations were in KY and this one is in VA, where I have moved and I’ve not had a bad experience. The people at this location, particularly, are so helpful and kind. Due to a glitch in their system, they had to enter our taxes 3 times but did it without complaining but continually apologized.

Please don’t take one person’s bad experience as a knock against J-H in general.

Any other Jackson Hewitt stans out there? Or are you a Block head? If you’ve had good experiences using one of the big-box tax prep companies, let us know. We’ll take your bad experiences too.

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2 thoughts on “To Whom It May Going Concern: Jackson Hewitt Does Not Suck

  1. I certainly do love someone using their own personal good experience to say don’t acknowledge someone else’s bad experience.

  2. It’s kind of sad that this person’s response detailing their “positive” experience, isn’t even that great.

    1. Got someone else’s tax return copy (so JH gave out someone else’s personal information)
    2. Waited unnecessarily because their internal and franchise locations don’t talk to each other seemlessly
    3. Had to do the tax return 3 times because their system glitched out

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