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To Whom It May Going Concern: Jackson Hewitt Sucks

Welcome to the latest edition of To Whom It May Going Concern, our infrequent feature of the best and worst tips and feedback we get from readers. Have a tip or feedback for us? Email us at [email protected] or text us at 202-505-8885. All messages are on the record unless stated otherwise. 

This email was sent to us out of the blue last week:

They [Jackson Hewitt] do suck. Had my 2020 taxes done there, in hazelton, pa. When I went into the office, the tax repairer was sleeping on a bag in another room. It was a Saturday morning. Simple tax return, charged $300 dollars after call her boss to find out how much to charge, senior citizen and Veteran. Crooks and irresponsible. Go there at your own risk.

We’re still not sure what prompted this person to tell us about his/her bad experience using Jackson Hewitt, but we have been a depository for rants of all kinds for nearly 13 years. And it IS the season for taking a dump on big-box tax prep.

Anyone else had a bad experience using JH, H&R Block, or Greg Kyte’s favorite, Liberty Tax?

3 thoughts on “To Whom It May Going Concern: Jackson Hewitt Sucks

  1. I went to Jackson/Hewett on Eisinhower Pkwy, he fill out 1040 married/jointly retire/Bet/SSDI. He said you don’t own anything nor getting no refund. He suppose to be getting us out stimulus checks that we missed 2020 under rebates/or any plus up. How do we not get no refund. I said how much you charged, he kept saying you don’t owe or get nothing. We had signed the form. I was trying to pay him. He kept repeating that same thing. Question: how much do y’all charge? I had his fee.

  2. I’ve had my taxes done at Jackson Hewitt for the last 15 years. I’ve never had a problem. Not once. Just be sure this person had a bad experience at one location one time does not mean the whole corporation is bad. Seriously.

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