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This Guy Is Why Accountants on Twitch Totally Needs to Be a Thing

Guy with video game controller

Do any of you have favorite Twitch streamers? Personally I find the idea of watching someone play a video game for hours on end to be even more depressing than playing video games for hours on end yourself (guilty), but hey, who am I to judge how other people spend their time? I once wasted the good part of an afternoon prank calling my colleagues with my boss, so I’m not really in a position to question others here.

Despite my superiority complex when it comes to streamers, I’ve watched enough of them to get the gist. Some guy, usually in an oversized gaming chair, gives us commentary while the screen flickers and seizes and takes us through the nuance of whatever game the streamer is playing. Yeah, I think that’s pretty much it, so fellow oldies go ahead and consider yourself caught up on the twitchers. The rest of you, get off my lawn.

One of the only Twitch streamers I actually like has built an entire channel around not games but prank calling Indian call center scammers, much to the enjoyment of his massive fanbase. So it was really only a matter of time before someone took the “IRL” stream concept and applied it to, what else, Microsoft Excel.

When I spotted this on Reddit earlier, someone said it’s a crime this doesn’t have more views, hence sharing it with you all.

Can we please make Ballmercon a reality? I might be able to squeeze a few sponsorship bucks out of the powers that be if we can make this a thing. Of course, our Excel team would no doubt get hammered by PwC’s since they’re the Duke of accounting firms and we’re pretty much the Possum Holler Community College team. Oh well.